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Ultimate Sleep Package

This package includes everything in the Basic Sleep Package + More!
We start with a short questionnaire to help get acquainted with your baby or toddler and their sleeping patterns (or future sleep if the baby is under 4 months and you want to start building positive habits early). After the questionnaire, we will send you a step-by-step sleep plan specifically for your baby. Progress is seen typically around day 3 and full results to be expected anywhere from 10-14 days. If you suddenly feel like you need help or are overwhelmed, this plan can be upgraded to plan that includes half-night overnight live support.
This also makes an excellent gift!


  • Private 90 Minute Consultation
    We’ll discuss your baby/toddlers sleep needs and how to recognize sleepiness. We will address how to establish a good schedule of feedings and sleeping for the baby. We will also give you ideas and tips to help your newborn begin to establish healthy sleeping habits.

  • Detailed Sleep Plan
    The techniques in our newborn sleep plan will educate you about  sleep and teach you how to start to foster healthy sleep habits for your child.

  • Evaluation of Sleep Questionnaire

Best determine the right strategy for your little one based on your feedback

  • Seven Follow Up Phone Calls

We will schedule seven follow up phone calls during the first 3 weeks to talk about how your baby is sleeping.  Since newborn sleep changes often we will space these calls out every few weeks.  These calls will last about 15 minutes each.  

  • Sleep Well Tool Kit
    At the end of the 3 weeks we will send a tool kit with information in it to help you navigate the many changes of young baby sleep.   


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