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"Passionate About Delivering a Restful Nights' Sleep"




My name is Yana, and I’m here to help guide you and your little one to learn the skills needed to sleep through the night.

I first began researching sleep patterns in newborns when my sister was pregnant with her daughter, Zoë.


I was so excited to learn that sleep deprivation was not guaranteed with a newborn and thus began my sleep journey. After a successful plan that was put in place, baby Zoë was napping and sleeping like a pro!


I began helping friends with their newborns and toddlers not long after and found an easy to follow method that proved successful every time!

I am a first time mommy as well and truly cannot imagine not having my baby be sleep trained. It has been an incredible experience.

If you are ready to embark on this amazing journey with me, let’s start out by getting to know more about you and your baby. Please fill out the short questionnaire and I will send you some customized proven strategies that you can use as soon as today!


Happy Sleeping!



  • Sleep Certified Consultant 


  • I have a degree in Health Sciences with a speciality in Nutrition and Well-Being

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