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Will Solid Food Help Baby Sleep?

Will Solid Food Help Baby Sleep?

One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to getting babies to sleep through the night is the old “cereal in the bottle” routine.

It’s been used by parents for generations, and I can understand why it’s so popular. As adults, we know that sleeping on an empty stomach is challenging, to say the least.

We also know that staying awake when you’ve just eaten a big, hearty meal is next to impossible.

So the notion that a little cereal in baby’s bottle should take longer to digest than breastmilk or formula, which will keep them feeling full for longer, and therefore help them sleep through the night, seems reasonable at face value.

Now, any parent who has experienced a baby who isn’t sleeping well is probably anxious to find the reason why, and is likely to try anything they deem as safe and potentially effective in order to remedy the situation.