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Infant and Child Sleep Cosultant

Gentle Sleep Learning

By Yana

Sleeping Baby


Our goal for you and your family is pretty simple: To get your little one sleeping through the night!

To reach that goal gently AND quickly, we’ll be following a proven framework called “Sleep Sense” which has worked for over 100,000 parents (and counting!)

A restful nights sleep is critical for the developing mind of newborns and toddlers (and sanity of the parents). We help families develop and maintain the perfect sleep routine.



Based out of Irvine, California, Yana Blinova is a certified sleep consultant with deep knowledge on the sleep habits for those aged between newborns and young children.


With a focus on behavior analysis, Yana takes an individualist approach to the child and parents (not a cookie cutter template) to improve sleep schedules and habits for the family.


Using a blend of science and experience, Yana finds the perfect solution for every parents' needs.


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Sleeping Baby

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