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What About Mom?

Updated: Feb 22

What About Mom?

Sleep training your little one is a demanding endeavor. I’ve never had a client who said it wasn’t worth it, mind you, but nevertheless, it’s a lot of work, and it requires a lot of discipline.

But once they get their baby on a steady, predictable nap schedule and sleeping consistently through the night, they sometimes find they have a new issue facing them.

They’re hesitant to deviate in any way from their routine.

It’s totally understandable. After all, they’ve usually gone from a horrible situation where neither they or their little one is getting any sleep, often for months, to a completely opposite scenario where Mom and baby are both well-rested and happy, and it’s usually taken place over a few weeks.

That’s a big improvement in the whole family’s quality of life, and one that parents are really, really hesitant to risk upsetting.

But if you’re the parent of a young baby, that means three naps a day and full nights of sleep every night, so when are you supposed to, you know, live?

I don’t mean, “When are you supposed to get out for a fun night with your girlfriends?”

I mean, “When are you supposed to buy food?”