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What if My Kids Share a Room?

What if My Kids Share a Room?

This is a tricky scenario that I see a lot of parents dealing with. They want to move their youngest into a room with their toddler, but are unsure how to sleep train without waking up the older child.

That’s a valid concern, and I wish I had a magical solution for you that would ensure your toddler will enjoy the same uninterrupted sleep that they did when they had the room to themselves, but unfortunately, that’s just not realistic.

(Before I get into this next paragraph, let me just say that I do NOT use a cry-it-out approach when sleep training. I will never ask you to leave a crying baby alone until they fall asleep, if you’re not comfortable with the idea.)

Having said that, sleep training is going to involve some crying. In fact, having a baby period is going to involve a whole lot of crying, so I’m sure that comes as no surprise. And sleep training one baby in a room with another is going to mean some wake-ups on the part of the older child.

But ask yourself, is it better to cause an interruption in this child’s sleep for a week or so in order to get the whole family sleeping through the night, or should we ride out a few years of night