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Taking Back Your Bed

Updated: Feb 22

Taking Back Your Bed

Before I had my first child, I was so excited about the idea of co-sleeping. I had these visions of my partner and I sleeping peacefully with our little baby snuggled oh-so peacefully between us. Those first few dreamy moments in the morning when we looked at each other over the little miracle we had created.

Reality was somewhat less romantic, because apparently, babies like to move around a little when they sleep.

And they can also make a lot of noise.

And they have no respect for your personal space, or the fact that you’re trying to get a little sleep, or the fact that you don’t like being woken up by having a tiny finger jammed up your nose.

So after awhile, I decided it was time to reclaim my bed, but by then, baby had gotten fairly accustomed to sleeping next to me, and wasn't going without a little protest.

So if you’re in the same situation and are looking for a way to get your baby sleeping in their own room, allow me to offer up some helpful hints.

First off, prepare yourself for the resistance. Nobody reacts well to changes in their sleep routine, so there’s almost definitely going to be some push-back. If your little one is able to climb out of their crib, they’ll probably make a few late night trips into your room and attempt to climb back into bed with you.